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Hand-Woven Accessories

I remember the first time I sat down at a loom. I was eight and my mom had taken me to an outdoor fair at our local history museum. There were many exhibits and demonstrations, but I most vividly remember a lady sitting in front of a small wooden box-looking thing on a table. I was still trying to figure out what the box was and what she was doing when the lady asked me, "Do you want to try?" With the unstoppable courage of a young child I accepted and clumsily followed the instructions given to me. Oh, that first overwhelming feeling, a feeling like coming home and knowing you are where you are suppose to be. I remember not wanting to stop as the fabric formed in front of me.

It was over ten years before I sat in front of a loom again. I remember some hesitation mixed with my excitement this time. But from the first opening of the shed and throwing of the shuttle, I knew, I was home again. That same overwhelming feeling of falling into my place and never wanting to leave came rushing over me again as I watched the yarns build up into fabric.

Weaving is a special craft because the maker is allowed to watch as their creation is formed bit by bit. I will never lose the child-like wonder and amazement of watching the fabric build as one yarn is laid on top of the next. My work explores the possibilities of woven fabric and pushes the limits of its textured surface. I love to get my hands inside the fabric and create irregular, textured surfaces that are not possible without the intervention of human hands.

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